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The air in your home is constantly recycled by your ventilation system. In the winter – as it’s heated, and in the summer – when it’s cooled. No matter how often filters are washed or changed, spores, bacteria, and some other small particles still enter the ducts. Once inside – some stick to the walls of the ducts, multiplying, building up, and getting a lift into your home on the air that blows in through the vents.

The easiest, least costly way of preventing such accumulations is a routine biennial (every other year) negative pressure maintenance cleaning. The negative pressure duct cleaning method vacuums out of the ducts loose debris such as dust, dust mites, pet hair and dander, carpet fiber and other particles.

In some cases – when the routine has been interrupted for a few years, or if moisture entered the duct system, or if the ducts were breached, or if rodents have entered the ducts, brushing becomes necessary. A motorized, rotating brush is inserted into the ducts to scrub built up matter off. Once the matter is scrubbed off, it is collected with a vacuum.

Once the ducts are cleaned, an application of sanitizer is sometimes recommended. The sanitizer deoxidizes remnants, and retards re-growth of mildew.

Air Duct Cleaning Renton only uses safe, non-toxic EPA registered solutions. Fact sheets can be emailed to you for review.

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